Monday, April 19, 2010

First Winter : Zhangjiakou City 2002

Snow started early that year.  I remember, the first snow started before Halloween.  We loved every bit of it since it was our first snow.  Being born and raised in a tropical country, snow is something we all have been dreaming of.  We had endless nights dreaming of what we're going to be doing when we touch snow.  Snowball fight, building a snowman, or even making a snow cone were some of the plans, we, as Filipinos would dream of doing. According to my friends in Zhangjiakou City, it was the worst winter they had in ten years.  Yes, you got it right -- our first snow was one of the coldest that city ever experienced.  We had temperatures as low as -25 C degrees, but we enjoyed every bit of it.
EAM (5 years old) enjoying her first snow
KIM (2) loving every bit of it.
KIM looking like a doll, doesn't she?
I'm freezing .... seriously, freezing --- bbbrrrr
All photos were taken outside our flat.  We lived inside the campus of No. 6 Zhangjiakou Foreign Language School.  I was working as a foreign teacher then.  Looking back, I would love to take my girls back in this city.  The city of our so many "firsts" in a foreign land.

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  1. Wow! how beautiful the scenery there.
    probably cool always .. hehe
    So you are a foreign teacher there, for how long?